Quad was one of the many fashion boutiques that sprang up in London in the late 1960s, when the emergence of youthful and ambitious British designers revolutionised the fashion world and became synonymous with the counter culture fashions of the time.


The advent of the 'boutique' ~ a retailing concept that radically changed how clothing was made, marketed, displayed and sold ~ endorsed an identity of individuality, freedom and rebellion which reflected the tastes of the designer or owner. Boutiques also experimented with innovative interiors, promoted creativity and informality between owners, staff and clientele and, of course, defined a new and exciting style of dressing.


Iconic names and places such as Mary Quant, Biba, Paraphernalia and Tuffin and Foale became synonymous with the King’s Road and Carnaby Street while other boutiques such as Countdown, Blast Off, Top Gear, Change Down, Glad Rags, Clobber, Quorum, Ad Hoc, Lord Kitchener's Valet, Palisades and Barricades evoked the spirit of freedom and originality and ensured that London became the quirky capital of cool in the 60s and early 70s, with its radical and ultra-modern new looks...encouraging young designers to start their own boutiques while inspiring other fashion capitals to change their outlooks.


Quad was part of this new boutique culture ~ prevalent alongside more established names, it produced fabulously unusual and iconic clothing which, in keeping with the times, was romantic, dreamy and inspired by history.



Boutiques remain a vital part of fashion retail ~ whether as an individual enterprise or incorporated into a larger setting ~ and are still cherished and coveted for their independence, character and unique designs. The epitome of trend-setting during the 60s and 70s, Quad’s inimitable fashions fit the contemporary mould while still evoking a particular style idyll reminiscent of revolutionary fashion shapes which typified the all-conquering ‘swinging London’ scene and, as such, are now adored, collected and very sought after.



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