Urban Hippie video - This video embodies vintage crochet, it is what it's about, is the soul behind the clothes.  Click to see our beautiful range of crochet dresses


The fashion-short movie depicts a young girl's journey to the realms of her deepest imagination. In the first act we experience her feelings of loneliness. She is longing for love, light, the unknown, a world yet to be discovered behind the web that entangles the tender bird of her existence - her desire for freedom is symbolized by the delicate beauty of wings and feathers.


When she receives a letter, her day-dreaming is ignited by the anticipation of his love in the form of elements and motions representing thoughts, images of freedom, flying, love, colors, energy, strength - intensifying and finally exploding. This image slowly fades back to a dull surreal scene where she finally awakes.



“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”


― L.M. Montgomery