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~ Kate Moss Collection ~

Supermodel turned fashion designer, Kate Moss has caused something of a frenzy since collaborating with leading high street store Topshop in 2007 to form her own collection, the Kate Moss Collection. Since 2007 Kate Moss designed 14 collections for Topshop, each one inspired by items from her own wardrobe or moments of her life, capturing her unique take on all things vintage, bohemian and at times a little rock 'n' roll. 

The Kate Moss Collection for Topshop has been the most popular design collaboration in decades, adored by millions, with each collection selling out in a matter of hours after hitting the stores.

But sadly, as with most things, good things must eventually end, and October 2010 saw the last Kate Moss Collection hit the shops as she ended her stint as incredible designer and face of Topshop. Since her last collection hit the stores Kate Moss's designs have become increasingly sought after, selling out everywhere as they did in record time.

Her collections from the past few years will become ~ in fact, have become ~ an important part of contemporary fashion history with many of her more famous and limited edition pieces becoming very rare, collectable and very sought after. In time, her designs will become more and more collectable ~ and one day we will look back and regard her pieces as we now look back at Biba or other similar brands as part of fashion’s evolving history.

Kate Moss IS fashion! Wear her clothes ~ and be part of that fashion history.


Really unique clothing ~ beautifully conceived, designed & tailored ~ 



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