In the 60's Paco Rabanne was in demand as a costume designer for the cinema, theatre and ballet. In 1965 he started his career as a designer by presenting a collection of 12 contemporary dresses which he called "the Unwearables". These included his first plastic dress.


In 1966 Paco Rabanne opened his own outlet at the age of 32, where he earned international repute for his metal-linked plastic-disc dresses, sun goggles and jewellery made of plastic in primary colours. Paco Rabanne's dresses made of small plastic tiles linked together by chains, stole the show in Paris. Throughout the 1960s he dazzled and amazed with some of the most beautiful fashion we have ever seen.


Paco Rabanne has created some of the most beautiful, outstanding, and iconic designs, he is known for pushing the boundaries, thinking beyond the mainstream, and challenging convention.


Paco Rabanne, exciting, beautiful, different.


Old Style: Paco Rabanne 1968




Paco Rabanne Metal Dresses (1969 Original Footage)



Beautiful 60s fashion, Paco Rabanne Metal Dresses and 1969 Fashion. 





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