Essences : Very vintage inspired ~ Masquerade ~ Sultry ~ Sensual ~ Mistress ~ Victorian ~ Equestrian ~ Riding ~ Regency ~ Baroque ~ New Romantics ~ Casanova ~ Gothic Beauty ~ Noir Vamp ~ Midnight Tryst ~ Courtesan ~ Dark Romance ~ Rock Chick ~ Steampunk ~ Theatrical ~ Circus ~ Berlin ~ Night club ~ Cabaret ~ Paris Left Bank ~ Beatnik ~ Studio 54 ~ Femme Fatale ~ Diva ~ Dark Decadence...


Dusk is falling. Hazy greys and oranges drift in between branches over her head, softly reflecting across the black satin fabric of her vintage inspired corset backed jacket, highlighting the intricately embossed floral patterning with a subtle skull motif. She will rejoin the crowd soon, she will take the light at the masquerade, Victorian femininity and equestrian sophistication enveloping her form. Her beautifully fitted jacket, with long bell-cuffed poet sleeves will bring night's mystery into the ballroom with her, moon faces turning to watch her, stars precisely placed in every eye. 



The sumptuous corset back with generously long ribbon, will come alive as she moves, a timeless curving, a structure of beauty and knowing, lavishly finishing with long tails hemmed with black lace and satin shirring that echo the flourishes and puffing of the sleeves and lace trims. With no need for a Prince Charming she will be at one with the dance, with the poetry of her movements and feelings, the romance of lace and trailing ribbon, of heroines and trailblazers. But for now she breathes in the quieting air, takes in the fading light. She leaves her mask on the ground and unveiled, to the sound of horses' hooves in the distance, she waits for the mysteries of Night to greet her searching spirit. 


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Vintage inspired Victorian Regency Gothic Mistress Equestrian small black jacket