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20th Century Vintage & Contemporary



Essences: Vintage ~ 60s ~ 70s ~ Bohemian ~ Wedding ~ Honeymoon ~ Bride ~ Bridesmaid ~ Goddess ~ Indian Summer ~ Eastern Promise ~ Ethnic ~ Oriental ~ Mexicana ~ Egyptian ~ Pre-Raphaelite ~ Ophelia ~ Sensual ~ Boho ~ Free Love ~ Hippy-Luxe ~ Gypsy ~ Flower Power ~ Summer of Love ~ Barefoot on the Beach ~ Midnight Bonfires ~ Bohemian ~ Paris ~ Beatnik ~ Left Bank ~ Beauty ~ Poet ~ Rock Chick ~ Free Spirit...


The sun blazes, spilling over in the sky, too much light to be contained. She catches it, becomes it, and dances on the sand, the vibrant red of her maxi dress Kaftan followed by green, yellow, black, all coming alive and dancing with her. Her vintage Kaftan drapes beautifully on her form, the silky fabric falling with ease, moving freely with her, the feminine neckline complimenting the breathtaking cascade of the kimono-style sleeves. Coming to life like wild tropical birds and butterflies as her arms arc into the sky, her sleeves fall elegantly and lyrically by her side as she becomes still, staring out at the ocean.


Her spirit feeling free she can almost reach out and take the hands of women who have danced here before just like this, to the sound of the sea on the heat of the sand. Bohemians of the 60s and 70s, artists, thinkers, dreamers, every woman who has dared to love, dared to dream, to dance and to face the sun. 


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Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014




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Essences: Vintage ~ Bohemian ~ Irish Boho ~ Wedding ~ Honeymoon ~ Bride ~ Bridesmaid  ~ Ethereal Goddess ~ 60s vintage ~ Forever Timeless ~ Beatnik ~ Jackie Onassis ~ Twiggy ~ Jean Shrimpton ~ Sophia Loren ~ Supermodel ~ Debutante ~ Sophisticated  ~ Elegant  ~ 60s ~ Free Love ~ Hippy-Luxe ~ Gypsy ~ Indian Summer  ~ Flower Power ~ Summer of Love ~ Barefoot on the Beach ~ Midnight Bonfires ~ Bohemian ~ Paris ~ Beatnik ~ Left Bank ~ Beyond Beautiful ~ Angelic ~ Movie Star ~ Red Carpet ~ Cocktails ~ Divine ~ Vamp ~ Diva ~ Sexy ~ Serene ~ Stunning ~ Siren...


In a white haze of daisies, clouds and feathers she stands, clover underfoot, listening to the melody of the stream as it flows steadily across moss covered rocks. The pure white of her vintage 1960s crochet lace dress reflects in the water, like a thousand tiny swans alight. Fitting her natural shape beautifully her knee-length dress brings from the 1960s an understated hourglass elegance and glamour, while the exquisite heavy linen fabric is alive with ornate floral cut out lace, curling up to the high, curved neckline, the genteel edges of lace petals resting on her collarbone.



The scent of Juniper drifts sweetly in the air as she turns to watch two doves circle the sky. She is a vision of Celt-Boho, an ethereal beauty. The naturally ornate lace patterning gently fades into a feminine, delicately edged straight hem, a concealed back zip from neck to waist, a flawless vintage piece, a second skin, a plumage as unique as she herself is. Faces and cameras have turned to her again and again, spellbound, - a bride, a supermodel, film star, or that angelic enchantress who deftly weaves her delight as she picks wildflowers in the meadow. 


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Essences : Very vintage inspired ~ Masquerade ~ Sultry ~ Sensual ~ Mistress ~ Victorian ~ Equestrian ~ Riding ~ Regency ~ Baroque ~ New Romantics ~ Casanova ~ Gothic Beauty ~ Noir Vamp ~ Midnight Tryst ~ Courtesan ~ Dark Romance ~ Rock Chick ~ Steampunk ~ Theatrical ~ Circus ~ Berlin ~ Night club ~ Cabaret ~ Paris Left Bank ~ Beatnik ~ Studio 54 ~ Femme Fatale ~ Diva ~ Dark Decadence...


Dusk is falling. Hazy greys and oranges drift in between branches over her head, softly reflecting across the black satin fabric of her vintage inspired corset backed jacket, highlighting the intricately embossed floral patterning with a subtle skull motif. She will rejoin the crowd soon, she will take the light at the masquerade, Victorian femininity and equestrian sophistication enveloping her form. Her beautifully fitted jacket, with long bell-cuffed poet sleeves will bring night's mystery into the ballroom with her, moon faces turning to watch her, stars precisely placed in every eye. 



The sumptuous corset back with generously long ribbon, will come alive as she moves, a timeless curving, a structure of beauty and knowing, lavishly finishing with long tails hemmed with black lace and satin shirring that echo the flourishes and puffing of the sleeves and lace trims. With no need for a Prince Charming she will be at one with the dance, with the poetry of her movements and feelings, the romance of lace and trailing ribbon, of heroines and trailblazers. But for now she breathes in the quieting air, takes in the fading light. She leaves her mask on the ground and unveiled, to the sound of horses' hooves in the distance, she waits for the mysteries of Night to greet her searching spirit. 


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Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014






Vintage inspired Victorian Regency Gothic Mistress Equestrian small black jacket

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Essences : Very vintage inspired Victorian ~ Equestrian ~ Riding ~ Regency ~ Baroque ~ New Romantics ~ Casanova ~ Mistress ~ Masquerade ~ Gothic Beauty ~ Noir Vamp ~ Medieval ~ Literary Heroine ~ Midnight Tryst ~ Courtesan ~ Dark Romance ~ Rock Chick ~ Steampunk ~ Berlin ~ Night club ~ Cabaret ~ Paris Left Bank ~ Beatnik ~ Studio 54 ~ Diva ~ Dark Decadence...



The thunder rolls gently over the darkening hills. A silvery light falls upon her as she stands in the grasses, watching birds gather in bare trees before the first rainfall. She is easily seen, a graceful figure silhouetted against the roaming plains. An embodiment of gothic sophistication wearing a very vintage inspired black jacket, the beautiful dovetail back bringing Victorian mystery to  the New Romantic flavoured cropped front. Full length sleeves, with opulent bell cuffs, punctuated by 3 brass-like buttons, give a decadently soft and romantic flow against the beautifully fitted lines, seams and minute silver threading of the jacket. The arc of the cuffs fall dramatically from her arms as she raises them to her eyes, shading them from the electric glare of the clouds so she might catch her first glimpse of whom she awaits.


Embroidered knotwork above the dovetail and cuffs gives a creative flourish to her streamlined jacket, a softly contained embellishment set against the wide, expansive curve of the skies. Feature pocket flaps with triple pointed trim, and same brass-like button decoration edge the jacket with Steampunk flare, while the front button and chain fastening weaves a timeless quality into her look, a journey through the ages. The clouds are deepening now, clustering with expectation, the air thick and heady. She waits, before the storm, feeling its power and knowing her own.


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Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014







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Essences: Vintage ~ Bohemian ~ Honeymoon ~ Goddess ~ Sensual ~ Romantic ~ Boho ~ 60s ~ 70s ~ Free Love ~ Hippy-Luxe ~ Gypsy ~ Fiesta ~ Indian Summer ~ Flower Power ~ Summer of Love ~ Barefoot on the Beach ~ Midnight Bonfires ~ Bohemian ~ Paris ~ Beatnik ~ Left Bank ~ Prairie ~ 18c Courtesan ~ Wench ~ Masquerade ~ Mistress ~ Theatrical ~ Period Drama ~ Ethereal Gothic Beauty ~ Poet ~ Supermodel ~ Free Spirit ~ Beyond Beautiful...


The wings of the night fold to envelop her. She is dancing in black crochet, her feet bare on the moonlit sand. The air is still warm, carrying the scent of jasmine and the refracted light of flickering bonfire flames. In one movement, the hand-made cotton crochet of her black maxi dress greets the wind like crows. Such a delicate bodice with delicately trimmed straps, in full circular and flower motif crochet reaching to the empire waistline, extending down into the breathtakingly full skirt, folds and folds of ornately intricate crochet now circling the sand, a gothic enchantment as the tide laps her toes.



Standing on the shoreline the asymmetric, handkerchief hem brings a fullness to the skirt, its delicate points and falling circular patterning almost shimmers, like an upturned black flame. She holds one point of the skirt in her hand, extending it out fully to her side letting the dress open out bat-like into the smoke. Evoking the freedom and romance of the 1960 and 70s, of poetry, thought and spirit, she knows the night, she knows the power of the flame, and she knows herself. 


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Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014





Vintage 60s 70s beautifully hand-made cotton crochet dress

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Essences: Vintage ~ Bohemian ~ Wedding ~ Honeymoon ~ Bride ~ Bridesmaid ~ Goddess ~ Sensual ~ Romantic ~ Boho ~ 60s ~ 70s ~ Free Love ~ Hippy-Luxe ~ Gypsy ~ Fiesta ~ Indian Summer ~ Flower Power ~ Summer of Love ~ Barefoot on the Beach ~ Midnight Bonfires ~ Bohemian ~ Paris ~ Beatnik ~ Left Bank ~ Prairie ~ 18c Courtesan ~ Wench ~ Theatrical ~ Period Drama ~ Ethereal Gothic Beauty ~ Poet ~ Supermodel ~ Free Spirit ~ Beyond Beautiful ~ Angelic ~ Divine...


The sun catches the edges of her form, making her glow radiantly as she walks though the meadow, her dress trailing behind her like a stream of gypsophila. Summoning the vintage Boho chic of the 1960s and 70s her hand-made cotton crochet maxi dress fits her form beautifully, ornate flourishes of detail to the straps of the fitted bodice , fanning out like an array of small shells. A heady infusion of poetry and Bohemian romance, echoed in the unique crochet embellishments running down the back seam, like tiny white butterfly wings.


From the white crochet bodice the cream crochet skirt cascades to the floor, expanses of floral crochet spanning wide and billowing in the summer breeze. Folds of skirt gathered delicately at the sides of the waistline evoke a prairie chic flavour with a poetic, gypsy flicker, a flurry of crochet like dancing clouds. The long sweep of the skirt to the front and back spills from the folds to delicately trail the ground, a breath exhaling across sun-kissed grass. As she spends her day in reverie, collecting flowers, her ethereal grace could mesmerise birds mid-flight. She is a bride, poet, thinker, dancer, everything she could possibly dream to be.


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Beautiful vintage bohemian nude dress - Kate Moss Topshop

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Fabulous square studding ~ Chainmail ~ Open fronted ~ Statement piece Sold out as soon as it hit the stores a number of years ago and now very sought after indeed ~ seen on many celebrities and models at red carpet events...


Very Rock Chick ~ 60s 80s 90s ~ Very Glamorous ~ 20s 30s Evening Glamour


Essences : Diva ~ Siren ~ Rock Chick ~ Studio 54 ~ Supermodel ~ Vamp ~ Night Club ~ Cabaret ~ Belle Noir ~ Glam Rock ~ Stunning...



The beat moves, enmeshing everyone in the club, holding them in a network of lights and flashes, a sea of faces hypnotised by music and people and art. She walks through them, each face turning her way as she passes, the deep black 100% knitted Viscose of her vintage inspired Topshop Trophy jacket punctuated by a constellation of round and square studded embellishments, her own Universe weaving through the crowds. Open fronted with a beautiful bolero cut shape and long sleeves, her trophy jacket steals the attention of the room, dazzling glimmers of light bouncing off the intricate studwork as she moves, it is a highly sought after piece, stories tell of it selling out immediately after landing in stores. Yet it's the glamour and verve that has enraptured the people in the club, the elegance of a silver screen goddess coupled with a rebellious rock chick edge. The mesmerising lines of beaded gunmetal, silver coloured square studs running down the sides of the long sleeves and aligning across the shoulders, giving way to the more delicately rounded studs across the lower section and sleeve insides, creating a sculpted look, heightened shape, and the revelation that her soul is etched onto her jacket, this blazing spirit, this fearless woman. This trophy jacket, whether worn with a glamorous evening dress or a favourite pair of  jeans, from Blondie to Florence Welch, is an expression not a hiding, a piece for one who knows transformation, the edges of timelessness. For the one who wants to traverse the expanses of her own night skies, infinite starlight navigation. 


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Vintage Genuine Rock n Roll Teddy Boy Teddy Girl unisex 50s drape jacket

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Essence : 1950s ~ Rock n Roll ~ Rockabilly ~ Teddy Girl ~ Teddy Boy ~ Non-Conformist ~ Punk ~ Swing ~ Jive



"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw



Description: She is the brave, the daring, the free. On tarmac, in the fields, wherever her feet touch ground she lets the music take her, a rock 'n' roll heart dancing to its own beat. In her genuine, 1950s, Teddy Boy Unisex drape coat jacket she feels every bit a rule breaker and rule maker as the Teddy Girls were, shaking off their weight of conformity, discarding the brokenness of post-war solemnity to claim a kind of liberation that was theirs, and theirs alone. She wants freedom, she wants expression, the way those girls in their brief but vibrant fragment of fashion history expressed their souls to a delicate world through the clothing they customised and wore. Their long draped coats over rolled-up jeans, flat shoes and slicked back, short hair, redefining any imposed conventions of femininity.  Made from pure new wool, black with deep red velvet trim on the collar, jetted pockets and cuffs and fastening with one red button to the front, wearing this thigh-length jacket she can sing her own song in a contemporary world, she can be Punk and Poet, spirited and bold. A wild, free beauty. When she needs to feel it, when she needs to reignite the spark, she can remember their time, the time when women took to the skies, and when they danced, truly danced, for the first time. 


Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014
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Essence : Victorian Vamp ~ Courtesan ~ Mysterious ~ Russian ~ Equestrian ~ Mistress ~ Tudor ~ Medieval ~ Guinevere ~ Maid Marion ~ Romance ~ Masquerade ~ Noir Vamp ~ 60s Rock Chick ~ Winter Boho ~ Casanova ~ Midnight Tryst ~ Tess of the d’Urbervilles ~ Dark Angel ~ Wicked Beauty... Opulent ~ Sumptuous ~ Heavy ~ Evocative ~ Midnight Black




Description: A sliver of darkness, cut from the map of night, starlight reflecting in shimmers across the deep, black, velvet of her full length coat cradling her form. She is arcane and wise, and she waits. Buttoned from the neck to waist, with four frog fastenings, this vintage Wallis gothic maxi riding coat wraps her in mystery, cloaks her in dark angel wings. She belongs to no one but the Muses, and when they call she will walk out into the moonlight, the full splendour of her seen and marvelled at, her Victorian allure and beauty with twists of Bohemia and rock chick. 


This long splendour of a coat fits to the waist honouring her hourglass shape, flaring out from her waist as she turns and moves, the black velvet falling in folds to her feet, eddying around her like a dark whirlpool as she walks. She is the heroine of every story, the one who is fought for, the one who is empowered to fight, the one who with a wave of one hand can weave enchantments and conjure dreams. An incantation of the soul, she is everything she wants to be...


Excellent vintage condition. Please bear in mind that we offer exquisite vintage and often antique pieces, and vintage items are not shop new ~ we only ever often items in excellent vintage condition ~ and always state any issues except for very minor wear or tiny marks which are expected with vintage items and cannot be really seen in wearing unless you pour over the items looking for them...This beautiful evocative piece is in lovely condition.

Fabulous short pile smooth high quality black vintage velvet ~ fully lined with heavy satin silky fabric in black. Hour glass shape ~ nehru collar ~ ornate frog fastenings ~ pockets ~ very flared skirt ~ extremely beautiful.

Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014
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Essences : Bohemian ~ Wedding ~ Festival ~ Romantic ~ Hippie-Luxe ~ Summer of Love ~ Barefoot on the Beach ~ 40s Tea Dress ~ 40s War Bride ~ Soldier's Sweetheart ~ Tea Dress ~ 60s ~ 70s ~ Hippie-Luxe ~ Day or Night ~ Adorable...





Description: Her bare feet softly take her across the sand, the setting sun kissing the nude fabric of her beautiful dress, both boho and 40s tea dress, easing her effortlessly from a care-free day to a music and mystery enriched night. The elegant beauty of this sought after Kate Moss @ Topshop dress is punctuated by the crochet lace inserts, with their ornate and intricate designs, like a scattering of flowers across an expanse of sunlit sand. 


This woman feels a competence at dawn or dusk, like the strong women of wartime years, their resilience, their grace, meeting the Bohemian festival woman, the unleashing of a free, creative spirit from within. Soft nude/peachy pale and with a very slight puffing on the shoulders, fronted with a full length sturdy zip, lightly shirred elastic at the waist, this dress knows how to envelop the strength in beauty, it knows how to hold hands with women throughout time, a WWII soldier's sweetheart, a bride or bridemaid, a timeless carefree spirit, it knows love and tides and it knows liberty. And the woman who wears it knows no limits.


Vintage inspired 60s 70s boho for the day or dressed up at night ~ or a 1940s tea dress style ~ this sought after dress by Kate Moss is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ~ Ideal for a bridesmaid or as a wedding guest, just add a beautiful wide brimmed hat...GORGEOUS!!!


Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014



Links ~  Bohemian style clothing

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Vintage 70s 60s absolutely stunning cotton crochet cream/white hi-low dress


Essences : Vintage ~ Wedding ~ Honeymoon ~ 60s ~ 70s ~ Indian Summer ~ Romantic ~ Dreamy ~ Adorable ~ Honeymoon ~ Boho ~ Bride ~ Bridesmaid ~ Festival ~ Flower Power ~ Summer of Love ~ Hippy-Luxe ~ Barefoot on the Beach ~Midnight Beach Bonfires ~ Bohemian ~ Paris ~ Beatnik ~ Left Bank ~ Prairie ~ Gypsy ~ Supermodel ~ Beauty...



Description: The scent of every beautiful summer floats by on the breeze, stirring memories of long, care-free days filled with music, sun and love. Still overtaken by the sensations of the scent, you see her. Infinitely beautiful in this shape-honouring white/cream crochet dress, with the symmetry of its V neckline to the front and cross over straps at the back, glowing with Boho spirit and 1970s chic. She will have her fun, the front of the dress short and playful, but with its long length at the back, scalloped hem and delicate cut out patterning, beauty and poetry sing the loudest song.


You imagine her to be a visionary, a fountain of ideas and creativity, leading the poetic dance by firelight. Then you see her as a bride, captivating, entrancing, Titania incarnate, Gypsophilia and wildflowers entwined in her hair as if they grew there. As if Nature itself wanted to unfold its splendour through her. A white butterfly lands on her hand, and together they dance.


Excellent vintage condition.

No fabric labels ~ Cotton crochet, very beautiful with natural stretch to the crochet.

Bohemian beauty ~ Ideal as a wedding dress ~ lovely for so many occasions...

Hi-low style, cross over back straps, fabulous crochet and with gorgeous scalloped hem front and back. Can be worn fitted or slightly looser, looks fabulous both ways. A really beautiful dress ~ looks really stunning on...Sensual, elegant, sexy, lovely, wild, free, very beautiful...

Words / Copyright © Theatre of Fashion Ltd ~ 2014
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