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Coupled with the vintage and 20s vibes echoing through our wardrobes and catwalks this season, 70s retro has made a triumphant return and with it, a variety of crochet has been seen on the catwalks ~ and we couldn’t be happier.

Crochet, once a hippie-associated trend, has had a refreshing new look and feel that’s uber-stylish. The fashion revival of crochet – reintroduced from the popular 70s style – has been gaining much popularity recently as a result of the bohemian allure which it offers, giving a simple yet chic vibe to any outfit.


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There is evidence that crochet dated from the 1800s, possibly from even earlier. Queen Victoria famously boosted the popularity of Irish Crochet Lace when she purchased some  ~ she even learnt to crochet herself! The popularity of crochet hit a peak between 1910 and 1920, with Edwardian fashions calling for more complex stitch patterns, primarily using white and creams. However, it was in the 1960s that crochet took on a whole new meaning ~ It was transformed from the intricate work of the Edwardians into the bright colours and granny squares which appealed to the psychedelic youth and emerging hippie culture. Hand made crochet continued to grow in popularity, well into the 70s ~ with dresses, coats, jackets etc being made in a variety of shapes and colours...and after a long history, all these items are now gaining in popularity once again and are gracing our couture catwalk shows, appealing to all those who crave to express the hippie laid back boho vibe. And especially now, with the established international culture of  music festivals, true vintage crochet dresses and capes, ponchos, coats have become the most sought after festival fashion item ~ warm, sexy, versatile, unique ~ and just so bohemian. Seen on many celebrities and models, crochet is a beautiful look for many occasions ~ and in whites and creams look stunning as a wedding or bridesmaid's dress for bohemian, gypsy or hippie-luxe weddings.



Crochet has garnered a lot of attention on the catwalks with designers such as Ralph Lauren, Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci showcasing chic fashion-forward dresses, skirts, hats and more, using fabrics and textures imitating the beauty of the handmade design. Paul Smith is already well known and highly regarded as the designer at the forefront of specialist crochet couture fashion with his exceptional 'granny squares' dresses, knitwear, super long scarves etc. High street hot spots, including Topshop, the barometer of London street fashion, featured crochet in their recent collections, recognising its popularity, its beauty, and versatility ~ all interwoven with that laid back, easy to wear, carefree, boho style. Many celebrities and models, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Madonna, among so many others, have been seen in a variety of crochet items, especially maxi dresses for red carpet events.

Crochet pieces may have hippie inspirations, but today the aesthetic is always luxurious with a modern sense of refinement and an easy way to achieve that feminine, sexy and bohemian vibe!!! 

So, don’t forget to put a flower in your hair, or on your ankle as seen at D&G ~ and grab yourself some of the sweetest vintage crochet pieces and get ready to reveal your bohemian 


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