Essences: Vintage ~ 60s ~ 70s ~ Bohemian ~ Wedding ~ Honeymoon ~ Bride ~ Bridesmaid ~ Goddess ~ Indian Summer ~ Eastern Promise ~ Ethnic ~ Oriental ~ Mexicana ~ Egyptian ~ Pre-Raphaelite ~ Ophelia ~ Sensual ~ Boho ~ Free Love ~ Hippy-Luxe ~ Gypsy ~ Flower Power ~ Summer of Love ~ Barefoot on the Beach ~ Midnight Bonfires ~ Bohemian ~ Paris ~ Beatnik ~ Left Bank ~ Beauty ~ Poet ~ Rock Chick ~ Free Spirit...


The sun blazes, spilling over in the sky, too much light to be contained. She catches it, becomes it, and dances on the sand, the vibrant red of her maxi dress Kaftan followed by green, yellow, black, all coming alive and dancing with her. Her vintage Kaftan drapes beautifully on her form, the silky fabric falling with ease, moving freely with her, the feminine neckline complimenting the breathtaking cascade of the kimono-style sleeves. Coming to life like wild tropical birds and butterflies as her arms arc into the sky, her sleeves fall elegantly and lyrically by her side as she becomes still, staring out at the ocean.


Her spirit feeling free she can almost reach out and take the hands of women who have danced here before just like this, to the sound of the sea on the heat of the sand. Bohemians of the 60s and 70s, artists, thinkers, dreamers, every woman who has dared to love, dared to dream, to dance and to face the sun. 


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