Fabulous square studding ~ Chainmail ~ Open fronted ~ Statement piece Sold out as soon as it hit the stores a number of years ago and now very sought after indeed ~ seen on many celebrities and models at red carpet events...


Very Rock Chick ~ 60s 80s 90s ~ Very Glamorous ~ 20s 30s Evening Glamour


Essences : Diva ~ Siren ~ Rock Chick ~ Studio 54 ~ Supermodel ~ Vamp ~ Night Club ~ Cabaret ~ Belle Noir ~ Glam Rock ~ Stunning...



The beat moves, enmeshing everyone in the club, holding them in a network of lights and flashes, a sea of faces hypnotised by music and people and art. She walks through them, each face turning her way as she passes, the deep black 100% knitted Viscose of her vintage inspired Topshop Trophy jacket punctuated by a constellation of round and square studded embellishments, her own Universe weaving through the crowds. Open fronted with a beautiful bolero cut shape and long sleeves, her trophy jacket steals the attention of the room, dazzling glimmers of light bouncing off the intricate studwork as she moves, it is a highly sought after piece, stories tell of it selling out immediately after landing in stores. Yet it's the glamour and verve that has enraptured the people in the club, the elegance of a silver screen goddess coupled with a rebellious rock chick edge. The mesmerising lines of beaded gunmetal, silver coloured square studs running down the sides of the long sleeves and aligning across the shoulders, giving way to the more delicately rounded studs across the lower section and sleeve insides, creating a sculpted look, heightened shape, and the revelation that her soul is etched onto her jacket, this blazing spirit, this fearless woman. This trophy jacket, whether worn with a glamorous evening dress or a favourite pair of  jeans, from Blondie to Florence Welch, is an expression not a hiding, a piece for one who knows transformation, the edges of timelessness. For the one who wants to traverse the expanses of her own night skies, infinite starlight navigation. 


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Vintage Genuine Rock n Roll Teddy Boy Teddy Girl unisex 50s drape jacket