Essence : 1950s ~ Rock n Roll ~ Rockabilly ~ Teddy Girl ~ Teddy Boy ~ Non-Conformist ~ Punk ~ Swing ~ Jive



"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw



Description: She is the brave, the daring, the free. On tarmac, in the fields, wherever her feet touch ground she lets the music take her, a rock 'n' roll heart dancing to its own beat. In her genuine, 1950s, Teddy Boy Unisex drape coat jacket she feels every bit a rule breaker and rule maker as the Teddy Girls were, shaking off their weight of conformity, discarding the brokenness of post-war solemnity to claim a kind of liberation that was theirs, and theirs alone. She wants freedom, she wants expression, the way those girls in their brief but vibrant fragment of fashion history expressed their souls to a delicate world through the clothing they customised and wore. Their long draped coats over rolled-up jeans, flat shoes and slicked back, short hair, redefining any imposed conventions of femininity.  Made from pure new wool, black with deep red velvet trim on the collar, jetted pockets and cuffs and fastening with one red button to the front, wearing this thigh-length jacket she can sing her own song in a contemporary world, she can be Punk and Poet, spirited and bold. A wild, free beauty. When she needs to feel it, when she needs to reignite the spark, she can remember their time, the time when women took to the skies, and when they danced, truly danced, for the first time. 


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