Essences : Very vintage inspired Victorian ~ Equestrian ~ Riding ~ Regency ~ Baroque ~ New Romantics ~ Casanova ~ Mistress ~ Masquerade ~ Gothic Beauty ~ Noir Vamp ~ Medieval ~ Literary Heroine ~ Midnight Tryst ~ Courtesan ~ Dark Romance ~ Rock Chick ~ Steampunk ~ Berlin ~ Night club ~ Cabaret ~ Paris Left Bank ~ Beatnik ~ Studio 54 ~ Diva ~ Dark Decadence...



The thunder rolls gently over the darkening hills. A silvery light falls upon her as she stands in the grasses, watching birds gather in bare trees before the first rainfall. She is easily seen, a graceful figure silhouetted against the roaming plains. An embodiment of gothic sophistication wearing a very vintage inspired black jacket, the beautiful dovetail back bringing Victorian mystery to  the New Romantic flavoured cropped front. Full length sleeves, with opulent bell cuffs, punctuated by 3 brass-like buttons, give a decadently soft and romantic flow against the beautifully fitted lines, seams and minute silver threading of the jacket. The arc of the cuffs fall dramatically from her arms as she raises them to her eyes, shading them from the electric glare of the clouds so she might catch her first glimpse of whom she awaits.


Embroidered knotwork above the dovetail and cuffs gives a creative flourish to her streamlined jacket, a softly contained embellishment set against the wide, expansive curve of the skies. Feature pocket flaps with triple pointed trim, and same brass-like button decoration edge the jacket with Steampunk flare, while the front button and chain fastening weaves a timeless quality into her look, a journey through the ages. The clouds are deepening now, clustering with expectation, the air thick and heady. She waits, before the storm, feeling its power and knowing her own.


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