Essence : Victorian Vamp ~ Courtesan ~ Mysterious ~ Russian ~ Equestrian ~ Mistress ~ Tudor ~ Medieval ~ Guinevere ~ Maid Marion ~ Romance ~ Masquerade ~ Noir Vamp ~ 60s Rock Chick ~ Winter Boho ~ Casanova ~ Midnight Tryst ~ Tess of the d’Urbervilles ~ Dark Angel ~ Wicked Beauty... Opulent ~ Sumptuous ~ Heavy ~ Evocative ~ Midnight Black




Description: A sliver of darkness, cut from the map of night, starlight reflecting in shimmers across the deep, black, velvet of her full length coat cradling her form. She is arcane and wise, and she waits. Buttoned from the neck to waist, with four frog fastenings, this vintage Wallis gothic maxi riding coat wraps her in mystery, cloaks her in dark angel wings. She belongs to no one but the Muses, and when they call she will walk out into the moonlight, the full splendour of her seen and marvelled at, her Victorian allure and beauty with twists of Bohemia and rock chick. 


This long splendour of a coat fits to the waist honouring her hourglass shape, flaring out from her waist as she turns and moves, the black velvet falling in folds to her feet, eddying around her like a dark whirlpool as she walks. She is the heroine of every story, the one who is fought for, the one who is empowered to fight, the one who with a wave of one hand can weave enchantments and conjure dreams. An incantation of the soul, she is everything she wants to be...


Excellent vintage condition. Please bear in mind that we offer exquisite vintage and often antique pieces, and vintage items are not shop new ~ we only ever often items in excellent vintage condition ~ and always state any issues except for very minor wear or tiny marks which are expected with vintage items and cannot be really seen in wearing unless you pour over the items looking for them...This beautiful evocative piece is in lovely condition.

Fabulous short pile smooth high quality black vintage velvet ~ fully lined with heavy satin silky fabric in black. Hour glass shape ~ nehru collar ~ ornate frog fastenings ~ pockets ~ very flared skirt ~ extremely beautiful.

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